An Internet of Things

“I want to text my toaster!”

Unfortunately, despite rapid and progressive advances in technology we are still unable to create a textable toaster. We can, however, change lighting and temperature in a room; we can play music and stream content to any part of a house; we can even lock our doors and windows with a push of a button 10,000 miles away on ourĀ smartdevice.

As wireless technology develops it will be come easier to manage one’s home remotely. This development is not without its risks or shortcomings.


Cyber-security is fundamental to the equation of the SmartHome; storing information as benign as lighting or as severe as locking mechanisms can have far reaching consequences in the event of a data breach.

Imagine for a moment that a SmartHome service offered to keep your door lock codes on the cloud for ‘convenience’. That service is attacked and breached by hackers who distribute lock codes, home addresses, lighting information (schedules) to the highest bidder.

No doubt most SmartHome service providers will be more security conscious than that, but the scenario is still a valid one. Be cautious and thoughtful when considering a SmartHome security solution.




The biggest benefit (and most obvious) is convenience. From the comfort of your couch, you can remotely turn on/off any light in your house and even dim them to a specific level! When you are driving across the country, or around the corner, you can simply tap your phone to lock your door.

In the opinion of these lowly technicians, SmartHome tech does not have a favorable cost/value ratio. Sure you can dim the lights from your couch, but is that worth $300?

Unless you are Bill Gates and have eleven figures in your bank account, SmartHome tech is more of a novelty than a necessity (like the clapper).

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